Detection of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus

The emerging Tobamovirus Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (Jordan Virus) has been detected in Germany for the first time in 2018.
This devastating virus can infect 100% of tomatoes in glasshouses and is a severe threat to tomato cultivation, as it seems also able to break the TM-22 resistance gene against other tobamoviruses.
Symptoms include chlorosis, mosaic and mottling on foliage and rugose with yellow and brown spots on fruits, which dramatically decrease the economic value of the produce. Due to its aggressive character and easy transmission pathways through contact with contaminated tools or even by pollination through bumblebees, it is listed as quarantine pest in the EU.
We offer a comprehensive range of detection tools, from fast on-site tests to a highly sensitive realtime PCR to meet your testing goals:

LOEWE®REALTIME complete reaction kit –  Fast and highly sensitive

  • Most sensitive assay for detection of ToBRFV with a limit of detection of 1 fg of total viral RNA
  • One-step one-tube assay
  • Probe-based with flourescence detection on the FAM™-channel
  • lncludes an internal control for maximum confidence in extraction and amplifcation
  • lntended use: fast and highly sensitive detection of ToBRFV in all kind of plant material
  • Ships at room temperature!

RNA-PCR complete reaction kit –  Specific and sensitive

ToBRFV-specific primers ensure specific and sensitive end-point PCR detection.
  • Validated within the  EU-Project Valitest  – exhibits higher diagnostic specificity than  comparable realtime PCR assays (
  • Recommened as diagnostic test in the EPPO diagnostic protocol PM 7/146 (1).
  • lntended use: testing  of  fresh,  frozen  or  dried  leaf  and fruit  material from tomato and pepper

DAS-ELISA – Reliable and efficient

ToBRFV-specific antibodies reliably detect ToBRFV in suspected plant material
  • A slight cross reaction with the Tobamoviruses TMV and ToMV is observed
  • lntended use: high-throuput screening of suspected plant material
  • Cost-efficient

LOEWE®FAST Lateral Flow Assay – Fast – on the spot

Our Tobamoscreen I detects ToBRFV among other Tobamoviruses.
  • lntended use: pre-screening to confirm the presence of Tobamoviruses in plants bearing suspicious symptoms.
  • Detects TMV, ToMV, PMMoV, ToMMV, BePMV, SFBV, TMGMV and ToBRFV in one test!
  • Test results are available in minutes without the need of a laboratory