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One-Tube-One-Step RNA PCR Complete Reaction Kits for the detection of RNA viruses


The kits are a valuable addition to our complete PCR reaction kits for the detection of plant bacteria and phytoplasms and they will be especially useful for confirmation of ELISA results in case of quarantine pests. During the upcoming year our R&D team will focus on the expansion of this product line! Please check our web-site for frequent updates on this new exiting product line! 

What we already did for you:

  • optimizing the concentrations of primers, dNTPs, Reverse Transcriptase and DNA-Polymerase for reliable and repeatable test results
  • evaluating and optimizing the reaction and amplification conditions
  • verifying and validating the specificity of primers 
  • developing and including qualitative method controls (DNA-based)

What you will get: ready-to-use, complete RNA PCR reaction kits including,

  • premix with pathogen specific primers
  • thermostable reverse transcriptase and DNA-polymerase
  • PCR-buffers and PCR-grade water for 100 reactions
  • positive and negative controls (DNA-based)
  • everything shipped at room temperature - no dry ice necessary!
  • time and cost savings on optimizing and validating the PCR assay yourself

What you need to do:

  • extract virus RNA from your sample using your favorite method or according to our recommendations
  • follow our comprehensive bench-top manual and conveniently pipette sample RNA, reagents, and enzymes in one tube, minimalizing the risk of cross contamination
  • run the reverse transcription and DNA-amplifiaction in one tube and one step
  • run an agarose gel for detection of amplified products and analyse results

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PCR Sets for DNA amplification


Our DNA PCR sets contain a premix, including the pathogen specific primers and dNTPs for 100 PCR reactions and positive and negative controls for 10 reactions.


All components are pre-tested and each product is accompanied by a lot-specific certificate and a working protocol.


PCR Complete Reaction Kits for DNA amplication

Your sample DNA is subjected to a pre-tested and evaluated PCR system, without the hassle of optimizing reaction- and cycle conditions. Included are PCR reagents, premix, positive and negative controls, DNA-Polymerase and a detailed protocol, thus providing the perfect tool for a successful PCR analysis!


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