New PCR Kits for the detection of bacteria are now available!

We are pleased to introduce new PCR products for sensitive and specific detection of three important plant pathogenic bacteria:

08154 Acidovorax avanae ssp. citrulli (EPPO A1 List!)


08170 Rhodococcus fascians - detection of pathogenic strains


08077 Xanthomonas hortorum pelargonii



Available as PCR sets or complete PCR reaction kits, as stand-alone diagnostic assay or to complement ELISA tests!


Our complete PCR reaction kits include a thermostable DNA-Polymerase, buffers and controls. The kits are optimized for quick cycling protocols (ca. 2 hours) and are accompanied by a detailed manual and validation data sheet. All PCR products can be shipped at room temperature!


Find our kits for DNA or RNA isolation from plant tissue here!



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