Immuno Fluorescence Assay - IF

An established method for testing especially plant bacteria, utilizing specific antibodies and a fluorescence  labelled secondary antibodies for visualisation of positive samples under the fluorescence microscope

When to use IF?

  • Routine screening of plant material, like potato
  • Analysis of suspicious plant material and identification of bacteria possible
  • Diagnostic method with good confidence in positive samples

Advantages and Limitation

    • High-throughput screening
    • Robust technique
    • Requires only little equipment
    • Fast and cheap sample preparation
    • Best performance with plant bacteria – with a high sensitivity
    • Experienced operator  needed

Immuno Fluorescence

a technique based on an antigen-antibody reaction, where the detecting antibodies are tagged (labelled) with a fluorescent dye and the antigen-antibody complex is visualized using an ultraviolet (fluorescent) microscope. It allows the visualization of the distribution of the target molecule in the sample.

Antisera and Controls

We are offering a wide range of polyclonal antisera against plant bacteria derived either from goat and rabbit for the detection of bacteria or fungi. Please refer to the product page for packaging and test sizes.

Fluorescence labelled Secondary Antibodies 

Secondary antibodies are directed against goat or rabbit, and labelled with the following fluorescence dyes. Please make sure to choose the correct secondary AB for detection. If in doubt, please contact us.
FITC: Excitation 520nm,  Emission: 492 nm
Cy3: Excitation 550nm,  Emission: 570 nm

Kits for IF for 10 000 tests

for some IF-antisera we offer convenient kits, which contain:
  • pathogen-specific antiserum
  • fluorescence labelled secondary antibody  – (FITC, green)
  • positive control


  • Multiwell Slides are available as 100 piece units
  • Cover Slides are avalable as 1000 piece units