Molecular Diagnostics

  • High-Throughput 
  • Automatisaztion possible
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Shipped and stored at ambient temperature!

When to use Rapid Tests?

  • Fast pre-screening of suspicous plant material in the filed or green-house
  • Identification of pests or bacterial cultures 
  • Diagnostic method with good confidence in positive samples with symptoms

Advantages and Limitations

    • High-Throughput 
    • Automatisation possible
    • High sensitivity and specificity
    • Elaborate Sample extraction necessary

The LOEWE®FAST rapid test series is designed for reliable and specific detection of plant pathogens within minutes. This diagnostic tool provides quick and easy assessment of suspicious and symptomatic plant material in the field or greenhouse without the need of a laboratory  or specialized laboratory staff. We offer two different test formats:


LOEWE®FAST kits include:

  • Test cassettes
  • Single-use pipettes
  • Pre-filled sample buffer tubes
  • Manual and analytical data sheet

 Kit sizes are available for 5, 20, and 50 tests.



  • 50 Test sticks
  • 50 Sample bags
  • 50 Single-use pipettes
  • 50 Reaction tubes
  • Sample buffer powder
  • Manual and analytical datasheet